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Our technicians are trained to provide accurate pipette calibrations by implementing ISO 17025 methods and practices. We use high resolution micro balances to allow testing in accordance to the tolerances specified in ISO 8655. We utilize unique techniques, such as standard liquid thermometers and evaporation traps, to ensure the highest level of precision in our field measurements.

Pipette Calibratin Service


Here at Equipment Calibration Services , we provide calibration and validation services for  gauge blocks, micrometers, mass standards, pin gauges and much more.  If your company has equipment or a device that is out off our scope of calibration, we will subcontract to an accredited company.  Equipment Calibration Services is dedicated to providing our clients with outstanding professional services.  Allow us to worry about your calibration so you can focus on what is most important to you.

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Equipment Calibration Services develops standard operating procedures to adhere to the rigorous requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.  Calibration reports follow these guidelines for pipettes, centrifuges and temperature devices and balance calibration services.  Our management and technical system are audited yearly to ensure we are at the top of the industry and to ensure we are growing properly as a company.

Whether our clients choose on-site or mail-in services, calibration procedures and validation services are performed in accordance with applicable documentation.  With the utilization of state-of-the-art equipment and calibration standards, ECS produces accurate and precise results every time.

We stand by every pipette calibration, balance calibration and temperature calibration service performed. In fact, ECS stands by every calibration procedure, regardless of the service. To show accurate our results are, ECS offers our clients a 6-month warranty on our services.  Our clients can rest easy when we leave their facility.   

pH & Centrifuge

pH meters are calibrated at a minimum of 3 pH values to produce a linear calibration curve  that represents the accuracy and precision of the instrument under test.

With the use of NIST buffer solutions, pH probes are calibrated back to factory recommendations.

Centrifuge calibration is achieved through utilizing NIST traceable tachometers accurate to .01% that are capable of measuring rotational speed of 99,999 RPM. Go to our IQ OQ PQ Page to ensure your centrifuge is installed and operating correctly. 

Temperature Calibration Service
Dimensional Calibration Service


From multimeters to barometers, Equipment Calibration Services has all the capabilities to calibrate and validate your equipment.  We provide services on all major brands of electronic and pressure reading devices.  Equipment Calibration Services currently provides off-site calibration for all hand-held or portable devices.  We  guarantee turnaround time of 2 weeks for most our electronic and pressure calibrations.  If you in need of on-site calibration, please contact us at

Pressure Calibration Service


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The scope of our temperature calibration SOP incorporates ISO 9001 methods and practices by providing a minimum of  five temperature readings.  Temperature devices are validated against data logging equipment with type K and type J thermocouples.  Our temperature SOP has been developed to encompass both on-site and off-site service.Buying new equipment? No Problem! Check out our IQ OQ PQ Page!

Balance Calibration Service


Our technicians provide accurate and precise field calibrations for balances/scales. We use ASTM NIST traceable weights and methodologies listed in NIST Handbook 44 and adhere to all specifications,  tolerances& other technician Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices and methods in compliance with ISO 17025. Our experienced technicians will provide results for corner-load, repeatability, and linearity tests.


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