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PJLA Pipette Service Accreditation

 * Level 4 is based on customer specifications.  Customer supplies Equipment Calibration Services  with the required number of data points and the required accuracy and precision limits. Level 4 service can incur additional charges and may not be ISO certified. 

*Real time uncertainties calculated at no additional Cost

Level 2:
This level of service is appropriate for research laboratories and health professionals, Equipment Calibration Services provides preventative maintenance and calibration on your pipettes. Our calibration service includes As Found data for each instrument. Maintenance, o-rings and seals included at no charge.

We Provide Pipette Calibration & Validation  Services on the Following Equipment:


PJLA Pipette Calibration Service

Level 1:
Equipment Calibration Services provides preventative maintenance, pipette repair service and calibration of liquid handlers.  All seals and o-rings are replaced at no extra charge.  Calibration sticker affixed to all instruments. This level of service is appropriate for most university laboratories. 

Level 3:
This level of service is appropriate for pharmaceutical companies in need of rigorous testing.  Equipment Calibration Services provides preventative maintenance and calibration on your pipettes. As Found and As Left calibration reports are included for all instruments. Maintenance, o-rings and seals included at no charge.



-Positive Displacement

-Autonomous Dispensers

-Displacement  Pipettes


-Infusion pumps

-Liquid Dispensers

​​After its first use, pipette and liquid handling devices begin to fall out of factory calibration.  For spring operated pipettes, the process of aspirating and pipette blow-out cause spring deformation and spring hysteresis.  When this occurs, the pipette volume is altered and must be recalibrated. Dropping pipettes, misusing pipettes and general laboratory practices can also effect the pipettes calibration.  Old shafts, overused micrometers and faulty tips holders can cause unsatisfactory performance of the pipette or liquid handler.  The effects of altered volumes can invalidate studies, waste funding and be subjected to nonconformity issues. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes who follow GMP, GLP, FDA and ISO must ensure they have properly operating equipment.  Utilizing pipette calibration tools, 5 place balances, and certified parts, ECS will reset the pipettes and liquid handlers to factory settings.  Guarantee you pipettes are accurate and functioning correctly with one simple step: Pipette Calibration Services.



Why ​Calibration?




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-Single Channel Pipettes

-Multi Channel Pipettes

-Electronic Pipettes

-Repeater Pipettes

-Air displacement Pipettes

-Fixed Volume Pipettes

-Fixed Volume Mutli Chan

-Electronic Multi Chan.


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ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited Pipette Calibration Program

​Nationwide On-Site and Off-site Service

Equipment Calibration Services  has developed our pipette calibration program to adhere to GML/GLP and ISO/IEC 17025:2005  standards.  Pipettes and liquid handling devices are calibrated using high precision ATSM weights and micro-balances to insure accurate and precise results.  

Internal environmental conditions and technician proficiency are taken into account when calculating  real time uncertainties. Calibration & validation is highly dependent on the skill of the technician.  Equipment Calibration Services rigorously trains all technicians to reduce associated  uncertainties.