We are dedicated to providing our customers and colleagues accurate and precise calibration results. We will always place scientific integrity and acquisition of genuine results at the top priorities. Calibrations performed by ECS Metrology will conform to ISO:17025 and customer requirements.

 ECS Metrology will work to continually develop and implement a management and technical system that is professional and qualified while requiring all personnel, both technical and managerial, to understand and implement our management system


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-We utilize advanced techniques and  state-of-the-art equipment across our entire scope

- We are owner operated, allowing us to build close relationships with our clients

-We provide 24 hour turn around time on most mail-in services

-Our reputation for accurate and affordable service is of utmost importance to us.

With prior working and applied knowledge in the fields of physics and chemistry, you can be assured all calibration procedures are performed to the highest degree of scientific integrity. Owing to the quality standards of our market, we implement ISO 17025 methods and procedures to ensure that our customers receive fast, accurate, and quality calibrations.

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Our laboratory is climate controlled to reduce the effects on pipette, balance and pH calibration services.  When calibration procedures are environmentally dependent,  any change in temperature, pressure or humidity will have an effect on the outcome of the calibration procedure.  With a controlled environment,  these sources of uncertainty can be reduced until negligible.

Building Relationships with ECS

All calibration and validation procedures are reviewed directly by the owners of the company. All reports are verified, ensuring accurate results for all instruments serviced.  We understand the importance of accurate and
precise results and only use NIST traceable weights and equipment while complying with ISO standards. Please contact us for more information or read more about our extensive calibration service. 

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