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Level 2:
As Left calibration will include 5 pH meter readings, 5 pH probe readings or 5 centrifuge readings.  Level 2 calibration service includes a calibration report along with calibration sticker placed on all devices. Devices are cleaned and serviced when necessary.



Equipment Calibration Services provides our customers calibration and validation services on the following equipment:



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Centrifuge speed should be calibrated and validated yearly to ensure proper operation.  A centrifuge may be rotating, but unless the proper equipment is used, the rotation cannot be accurately determined.  Centrifuge's with temperature units are also susceptible to unpredictable behaviors. ECS' centrifuge calibration service provides our clients with both rotational and temperature verification.  A faulty centrifuge can be costly, but with calibration, that cost is significantly reduced.  

pH meters and pH devices are highly susceptible to temperature and environmental conditions. pH calibration services allow the laboratory to have the confidence that their instruments are in manufactured acceptable condition.  NIST traceable pH buffers should be used at 25 C for electrodes.  A NIST traceable pH simulator allows for calibration and adjustment of pH meters through electrical means. Environmental conditions are programmed into the pH simulator, producing accurate standards for your pH devices. Prevent pH imbalance from ruin your research with one simple service: Centrifuge Calibration Services and pH Calibration Services.  

Why calibration?

-Portable pH Meters

-Fixed pH Meters

-Multiple pH meters

-pH Electrodes

-pH Glass Electordes

-pH Epoxy Probes

-pH DIN Connectors

-pH BNC Connectors

NIST Traceable Tachometer Readings up to 99,999 RPM

ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Calibrated pH Simulators & NIST Traceable Buffer Solutions

Our centrifuge calibration service and validation program uses the latest methods and industry accepted standards. Our centrifuge calibration methods span the RPM range of the device, up to 99,999 RPM. With the use of certified tachometers and centrifuge reflecting tape, ECS is capable of producing accurate and precise results every time. 

Equipment Calibration Services performs pH calibration and validation using NIST traceable buffer solutions and certified pH Simulators.  pH probes and electrodes calibration methods use the direct comparison procedure, comparing known pH buffer to the probe reading.  pH meters are calibrated electronically, sending known electrical signals to the device under test.

Centrifuge & Ph


-Bench Top  Centrifuges

-Temperature  Controlled Centrifuges

-Micro Centrifuges

-Floor Mounted  Centrifuges

-Portable Centrifuges

 * Levels 4 and 5 are based on customer specifications.  Customer supplies ECS with the required number of measurements and type of service.  Level 4 will include As-Left Data.  Level 5 will include As-Found Data.  Please direct all questions to callab@ecs-metrology.com

Level 1:
Validation of pH meter or centrifuge.  One reading per device, with the reading placed on the validation sticker. Validation sticker is placed on the device. Device is cleaned when necessary. 

Level 3:
As Found and As Left calibration, including all level 2 services. Calibration reports include both as found and as left data. Centrifuge or pH device is cleaned and serviced when necessary.

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