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Level 1:
Validation of Balance or Scale with one NIST Traceable  measurement. A calibration sticker is affixed to each instrument.  The measurement is displayed on the calibration sticker.

Why ​Calibration?

Level 2:
As Left calibration, including eccentricity measurements, linearity measurements and repeatability measurements. Adjustments made when applicable. A full report with all measurements and diagram of device sent electronically to customer.

Accredited Level 3:
As Found and As Left calibration, including all level 2 services. Reports are generated for both As Found and As Left calibration procedures. Adjustments are made after the initial As Found data is collected.  

 * Levels 4 and 5 are based on customer specifications.  Customer supplies ECS with the required number of measurements and type of service.  Level 4 will include As-Left Data.  Level 5 will include As-Found Data.  Please direct all questions to callab@ecs-metrology.com

-Floor Scales
-Hanging Scales
-Hoist Scales
-Counting Scales

-Veterinarian Scales

-Hospital Scales

-Packing Scales

-Shipping Scales

We provide Balance Calibration & Validation Services on the Following Equipment:

ASTM Class 1 & NIST Traceable Mass Standards

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited
High Precision Measurements 

We use ASTM NIST traceable weights and methodologies listed in NIST Handbook 44- Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technician Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices. Equipment Calibration Services internal SOP's require linearity testing, repeatability testing and eccentricity testing following customer specifications.

in accordance with NIST Handbook 44, Equipment Calibration Services technicians are capable of
calibrating and validatingbalances and scales from .01 mg to 5000 kg. Generated Calibration reports adhere to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 specifications.

A misrepresented weighing device can be costly, especially for those corporations that rely on scales and balances for commerce and research purposes.  Miscounted products and underweighted laboratory supplies will cause loss of income; with proper calibration service and validation procedures, this is easily prevented. Weighing devices rely on electrical signals and springs to accurately and precisely weigh masses. By placing a highly accurate ASTM NIST traceable weight on the device under test and resetting the balance’s and scale’s zero point, ECS will recertify all types of weighing devices. Counter balance scales are calibrated are reset by utilizing a counterweight.  This counter weight is properly positioned by comparing it to our class 1 standard. Electronic balances or scales use external calibration features that comparing the internal electronics to our class 1 standards. Whether your company specializes in pharmaceutical research, laboratory studies or sales, balance and scale calibration is a necessity for accurate and reliable weighing.



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-Micro Balances

-Analytical Balances

-Pipette Balances

-Semi Analytical

-Triple Beam

-Double Beam

-Compact Balances

-Mass Comparators

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