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​​​​Leave the worrying to us, so you can focus on whats important. Equipment Calibration Services is committed to providing audit proof documentation compliance. ECS is certified for both on-site and off-site pipette calibration service and liquid handling devices.  ECS has extensive knowledge and technical ability to service all pipette brands including: single channel, multi channel and fixed volume pipettes. 

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- Laboratory Freezers & Refrigerators
- Laboratory Incubators & Ovens
- High & Low Temperature Water Baths
- Single Channel Variable Pipettes
- Multi Channel Variable Pipettes
- Semi-Micro & Micro Balances
- Floor & Platform Scales
- Micrometers & Calipers
- Gauge Block Sets


Calibration Services
Our Qualification Services

- Centrifuges & Rotational Devices

- Pressure Devices

- Thermal Heat Blocks 

- Digital & Liquid Thermometers

- Multimeters & Voltmeter

- pH Meters & pH Probes

- pH Probes

- Liquid Handling Devices

- Laboratory Fume Hoods  

PJLA Accreditation

From environmental changes to vibrational effects, Equipment Calibration Services laboratories are designed to mitigate all sources of uncertainty. The climate controlled laboratory is mandatory for accurate pipette calibration and balance calibration. Reducing temperature changes is essential for these measurements. Our state-of-the-art location produces pipette calibration results that our clients recognize as the best in the industry. 


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​​​​​​​​​​​​ NIST Traceable Equipment   

 Calibration Services​


New Freezer? Relocating?  Ensure accuracy with our comprehensive Installation, Performance and Operational  Qualification service. This service includes a full diagnostics test that puts your equipment in a state of excessive use. The data provides the client with the limits of the device. ECS also ensures the instruments have been assembled according to manufacturer specifications. 

Pressure Gauge Calibration Service
Our Laboratory
Our experienced technicians will keep your instruments in top condition. We use NIST Traceable standards to provide high-quality calibration and validation services.  Equipment Calibration Services is committed to quick turn around time for both on-site and off-site service while never sacrificing our commitment to quality.





  • Multimeter and fluke service

  • ph simulations


certified service technicians

Define Calibration:Generally, the comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy. Over time, your instrumentation will become less and less accurate.  Let us get you devices back into spec with our cost effective calibration program. We can repair, replace and calibrate your instruments like new. From pipette calibration to balance calibration, we calibrate it all. 

​​Equipment Calibration Services guarantees all calibration and validation results. When we leave our customers facility,  they can rest assured their equipment is in top working condition. ECS ownership, management and technical staff report  accurate and precise measurements that adhere to our customers and ISO standards. Whether we are in the field or at our climate controlled calibration and validation laboratory, you can count on us. From pipettes and balances, to centrifuges and pH meters, we always provide the best services available.   

Equipment Calibration Services is also committed to forging business relationships that save our customers time and money.  We are here for our clients 24/7.  Need a copy of a certificate?  We provide electronic copies, day or night, for no extra charge. Have a question or a comment? Email us and we will get back to you right away.  No matter the situation, Equipment Calibration Services is always there for our clients, and that's our guarantee.


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